Every model in the Vantage family, from the benchtop 250 to the large volume 650, benefits from mechanical design optimised through finite element analysis (FEA) to ensure high accuracy measurement from all sensors. Every Vantage is powered by ZONE3 multi-sensor metrology software. Measurement and analysis in three dimensions throughout the entire measurement volume. Powerful tool simplifies programming to give you a perfect balance between precise capabilities and ease of use.

Automation is an important aspect of Vantage. Servo-driven / XY Liquid cooled linear motor drives, move parts and sensors quickly and precisely from feature to feature. Leading edge detection, advanced digital signal processing technology, optimised video algorithms, self-calibrating optics, automatic probe changes, and fully editable measurement routines are productivity enhancing features in every Vantage. Vantage has the automation and the precision needed for the most demanding parts.

A video measurement system comes as standard with the Vantage including zoom Telestar™ optics (quick-change fixed optics are available for Vantage 250). Choose either a high-resolution colour CCD camera, or a progressive scan grayscale camera. An assortment of contact and non-contact sensors is available on all models. Configure Vantage with the sensors needed for your particular requirements.

Vantage Range Product Specifications

Configured for Renishaw’s advanced probing systems, VANTAGE incorporates unique interfrometric laser scanning technology as well as our patented TeleStar 10:1 zoom lens which is completely telecentric and automatically calibrated throughout its range, eliminating measurement inaccuracies. VANTAGE’s integrated tools empower operators by offering the ability to control dimensional production processes in one advanced high-speed operation.


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