Made it simple!

The manual semi-automatic, non-contact benchtop solution for in-process measurement or full component metrology tasks suits virtually every manufacturer. Using video measurement technology with incorporated automatic edge-detection, this machine guarantees measurement accuracy and high-repeatability in one easy-to-use system.

Starlite combines full geometric measurement capabilities in a simple operation, so that even less experienced operators can prove component quality swiftly.

The Starlite range delivers practicality and performance in a semi-automatic system.

StarLite Range Product Specifications

  • Intuitive Gauge-X metrology software includes powerful functions for general purpose dimensional measurement with an easy-to-use graphic interface. Guiding users through the measurement routine with comprehensive instructions, alongside the exclusive CompuFocus feature that ensures repeatable focus results from user to user.
  • The precise 6.5 to 1 motorised programmable zoom lens ensures image focus and maintains centrality to the axis throughout measurement tasks. For expansion of the magnification range additional lens attachments can be integrated.
  • Starlite systems include precision mechanical bearing XYZ transports with 1.0 pm linear scales mounted to a stable granite base and column. Manual quick release XY motion controls allows for rapid positioning while adjustment turn handles provide precise motion. Fine and coarse Z motion adjustment turn handles simplify focusing.
  • Starlite with Gauge-X features full field-of-view image processing with advanced edge detection, designed for real world applications.

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