Use OGP rotary indexers to automatically rotate parts to bring hidden features for access by selected sensors, for complete part characterisation.


The Miniature Servo Rotary is an economical, light duty indexer ideal for measuring parts in multiple views under automatic program control.

It is designed for use with any QVI measurement system. The mounting bracket of the MSR allows horizontal or vertical axis applications. With a rotational resolution of 16 seconds of arc, the MSR is ideal for measuring screw machine parts, precision hydraulics and other turned or cylindrical parts. It is also ideal for measuring multiple views of prismatic parts in a single setup.


The MicroTheta Rotary is a high-accuracy rotary indexer with twin reader heads for ultimate positional resolution with double the load capacity of the MSR.

The MTR produces 720,000 counts per revolution of the spindle per reading head, for angular position resolution greater than 2 seconds of arc. With its closed loop feedback system, the MTR makes angular measurements to within ±5 arc seconds. The MTR's resolution and feedback allow for relational measurements between rotations.


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