Laser TTL


The TTL (through-the-lens) Laser Probe is integrated within the optical system of certain SmartScope multi-sensor models. Laser scanning of the surface of any given component allows the laser to provide detailed surface contours as a part of a multi-sensor measurement operation.

The TTL Laser light is projected through imaging optics to the surface of the component. The light then reflects off the component’s surface and through-the-lens into a detector where data is then gathered. The angle of the laser provides access to surface features showing areas that are recessed or located adjacent to vertical surfaces.

We offer a full line of TTL lasers that are designed for specific SmartScope systems, these are the Quest, Specialist, Flash and ZIP models.

The Flash TTL laser can focus its light precisely, providing a small spot size and accurate surface focus. The ZIP TTL laser available for OGP SmartScope ZIP systems supports two modes of operation: high speed and high resolution.


The TeleStar® TTL laser has a unique interferometric sensing technology that yields a high measurement resolution in OGP SmartScope VANTAGE and Specialist metrology systems.


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