ZTS - 3050

A comprehensive white-light interferometry-based product line, best suited for performing rapid, high-resolution, non-contact, 3D surface measurements for a number of applications.

Fast, Precise 3D Surface Measurements

The ZeroTouch® 3000 Series sensor evaluates several thousand surface profiles using advanced white-light interferometry technology to capture high-speed, precision data acquisition and real-time 3D surface roughness measurements. Using high-resolution cameras, the sensor provides highly significant results without the limits of tactile measuring systems.

Industries & Applications

Aerospace Automotive Semiconductors
Bearings Cylinders, pipes, and bores Gears and sprockets Shafts and seals Bearings Brakes and clutches Sensors Engines Gears and sprockets Shafts and seals Semiconductors Wafer inspection and metrology Electro polished surfaces High purity valves
Medical Devices Precision Manufacturing Consumer Electronics
Medical Devices Dental implants Medical blades and sharps Stents Orthopedics Precision machined parts Power cutting tools Lenses Industry Consumer Electronics LEDs Mems

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